hahaha what do you mean this didn’t happen bc it totally did  ʘ‿ʘ;;





I love the fact that Rin used to talk about Haru to every fucking person he knew… his family, his friends, people in Australia… It’s like he was going around saying “Hi, I’m Rin, nice to meet you! Did I mention this one guy…”

Nice, Matsuoka.

*knock* *knock* Excuse me sir Do you have time to talk about our Lord and Savior, Haruka Nanase?


im mostly in love with the fact that rin realised his mistake in the locker room after harus race and apologized for it. im so happy he validated harus emotions and told haru that it was okay for him to feel that way and he should not have tried to push his feelings onto him because haru is allowed to feel and think how he wants. im so glad rin made the extra effort to do things that would keep haru comfortable and happy. that he didnt even think he was gonna come but he knows that even getting him there was a big accomplishment and they need to take tiny steps. im so happy that rin never told haru “this is what your future will be like when you decide to swim competitively” he let haru decide. he didnt tell haru how to think or feel, he asked haru what he wanted. im happy that rin told haru how he felt but he didnt make it about his feelings, it was still about haru, he told haru his feelings and he showed haru one of his possibilities and he let haru decide what he was going to do with that. and it was so freeing to see the stress and worry melt off harus face when he stood on that diving block. im just so happy haru finally found his dream and im happy that rin was able to help him there without forcing him into anything he didnt want. 

R: This must be your fault. You and your girly name!
H: It’s probably your fault, then.
R x H: Your fault. your fault, your fault…

You’re always there ahead of me, showing me what path I should take. 


What dream? What future? Rin, I’ve found it too.


Rin and Haru @ Australia » “SIGHTSEEING”